Jalebi - a popular sweet item during Iftar parties attracts Peshawarties

PESHAWAR - Like others sweets items, Jalebi has also attracted Peshawarties ahead of Iftar parties on Sunday. Being a popular sweet item of the subcontinent, Peshawari Jalebi is being preferred by many in Iftar parties due to its better taste, deliciousness and  energy perspective.

Commonly called ‘Zalobay’ in Pashto, jalebi stalls established in almost all bazaars of the provincial capital are attracting people belonging to all social class and ages including government employees, senior citizens, women, youth and children. Shopkeepers dealing with food services have setup special vendor jalebi stalls in front of their shops by making roaring bussiness. The popular sweet is being prepared with different ingredients with unique colours and designs catching consumers’ attention while passing through historic Qissa Khwani bazaar, Hashtnagri, Fawara Chowk and Gantagar bazars flooded with shoppers. Riaz Khan, a retired school teacher told APP at Hasthnagri bazaar that jalebi was his favorite sweet item and his Iftar is incomplete without this popular food of Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. “Peshawari jalebi is unique in its taste and sweetness. I have bought two kilograms jalebi including one KG for my married daughter for iftar tea party,” he said, adding this sweet dish is being exchanged among relatives strengthening bonds of love and friendship. Khurshid  Alam, a Govt employee busy in jalebi shopping at Hasthnagri said that he bought three KG jaleebi as birthday gift for daughter of my elder brother. He said the exchange of food among relatives, friends and neighbours were adding colours to iftar parties in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said demands of Pakistani jalebi are very high in Middle East, Afghanistan and Gulf countries due to its quality taste and energy perspective. He said the muslims in Pakistan, India, Iran and Banglash were fond of jalebi especially during Iftar parties. Khayam Khan, an employee of Education Department while purchasing jalebi at Ghanta Ghar bazaar told APP that Peshawar’s jalebi was very tasty, delicious and full of energy besides very popular especially among children, senior citizens and women. “Personally, I liked red jalebi cooked in oil.” He said Pakora, Dhahi Bhalay, Kachalo, Paye and cooked rice were also being exchanged by relatives and friends ahead of Iftar parties creating love, brotherhood and warmth among people. “I am going to my aunt house at Hayatabad Peshawar to give her Jalebi as gift being her favorite item in Iftar parties,” he said. He said its prices was high in local markets where one kilogram Jalebi were being sold at Rs340 to Rs380 and its prices is needed  to be checked by the district administration.

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims with countless blessings and seeking forgiveness and we could get Allah Almighty blessings by distributing charity money and food among poorer, homeless, needy, orphans and widows.

He maintained that we need to help provide charity and financial support to poor people, orphans, persons with disabilities and labourers by opening our hearts so that they could purchase essential items including clothes and shoes for their children head of Eidul Fitr celebrations.


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