Farmers advised to cultivate approved cotton varieties

FAISALABAD         -     The agriculture experts have advised the growers to cultivate cotton seed of only approved varieties, otherwise, they would have to face colossal loss in addition to wasting their hard labor.

A spokesman of Agriculture department said here on Monday that cotton was a precious crop of Pakistan as it played a pivotal role in strengthening national economy. This crop was largely cultivated in Pakistan while Punjab province shared its cultivation up to 40 percent. He said that federal government had announced support price for cotton as Rs.8500 per 40 kg so that the farmers could bring maximum land under cotton cultivation. He said that Punjab government was also providing subsidy of billions of rupees on cotton seed so that its cultivation could be promoted and increased for greater national interest.

“If the registered farmers will purchase cotton seed of approved varieties like BS-15, CIM-663, CKC-1, CKC-3, FH- 490, IUB-2013, MNH-1020, NIBGE-11, NIAB- 545, NIAB-878, NIAB-1048 and NIAB Kirn, they would be provided subsidy up to 5 acres of cotton crop”, he added. He said that subsidy would be given on “first come, first get” basis. The farmers should scratch voucher present in seed bag and send its number along with CNIC number on 8070 through SMS. The government would provide them subsidy of Rs.1000 per seed bag, he added. He said that the farmers should select heavy loamy (mera) land for cotton cultivation and cultivate 10 percent non-BT varieties along with BT varieties. They should also use cotton seed which has more than 75 percent germination capacity.

The growers should use 6 to 8 kilograms seed per acre by applying fungicides to it before cultivation whereas pesticides should be sprayed after consultation of agriculture experts, he added. He also advised the growers to water the crop first time after 30 to 35 days of cultivation if the crop was sown through drill whereas remaining watering should be ensured with an interval of 12 to 15 days each time. If the crop was cultivated on footpaths (Patries), its first watering should be ensured after 3 to 4 days of seed sowing whereas remaining watering should be applied with an interval of 6 to 7 days each time.

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