On Thursday, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf criticized the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz of attacking the judiciary and state institutions.

The secretary of PTI’s central information Mr. Shafqat Memood stated in a press conference at the National Press Club that” By attacking the judiciary, Nawaz Sharif had targeted the democracy.”

The spokesperson of PTI had also claimed that while the ex-prime minister’s rally moved across Rawalpindi several pamphlets containing anti-judiciary messages were distributed.

He stated that it is a matter of concern to see a person who has been elected third time as a prime minister of Pakistan criticizing the judiciary and several other major institutions of Pakistan.  He also said that” When you guide an unconstitutional movement, in reality, you are trying to interfere with the judiciary.”

Mr. Shafqat Mehmood said a campaign has been launched against the judiciary, because if the investigation by NAB followed more disqualifications are expected. He stated “They are sure that they will not only face disqualification, but they will also have to pay the stashed money back.”

The PTI representative claimed that the main objective of the GT Road rally is to target the armed forces of Pakistan.” Their real target is the Pakistan Army: they believe that Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified on the orders of Army. But the PMLN has a long history of having disagreements with state institutions for their own good.”

The PTI’s spokesperson alleged that there is a argument going on in the house of Sharif since Nawaz’s disqualification. He also said that” Tehmina Durrani is blaming Nawaz Sharif of putting Shahbaz in an awkward situation by taking advantage of the entire provincial state machinery for the rally.”

Mr. Shafqat Mehmood added that Nawaz Sharif can do politics in whatever way he liked, but he does not have the right to use public money to favor his personal interests.

He also stated that it was extremely unacceptable that taxpayer money was being used for personal interests, adding that while Mr. Sharif had every right to go on whichever road he wanted, the use of public money and state machinery was blameworthy.

The PTI spokesperson disapproves of the blocking of roads and forcibly shutting down people’s businesses. He said” No government has the right to shut off and enclose a busy road that belongs to the common man.”

He named the rally a failure and said that the whole Potohar belt had rejected Nawaz Sharif.