Rescue officials on Thursday rescued a crow that was entangled in kite strings on the premises of the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The bird's distress was noticed by litigants and lawyers and also by other crows, who were cawing loudly and circling the tree. Rescue 1122 was then called to rescue the bird.

Arriving promptly, the rescue team, despite its effort was unable to reach the trapped crow and another vehicle with a ladder bucket was summoned.

Two rescue officials then managed to reach the crow. The officials gave the bird medical aid and water before untying and setting it free. The effort took around two hours during which the 1122 personnel, who were perceived to be a threat, also had to deal with other crows circling the tree.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, rescue staff said that "all life is precious, whether it belongs to humans or animals". They added that they were fulfilling what they believed was their obligation.

Unlike people, animals cannot call for help and thus, the rescuers said, they were happy to be able to help the bird.