Have you gone insane?

LAHORE    -   Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi Wednesday ex­pressed his desire to have cordial relations with the fed­eral government and vowed not to take any revengeful ac­tion against the bureaucracy for May 25 incidents.

Speaking to a private channel on Wednes­day morning, Ch Parvez Elahi adopted a conciliatory tone towards the federal gov­ernment and the civil bureaucracy saying that he did not want to waste time in re­useless fights with the central government. Also, the chief min­ister vehemently condemned the PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s an­ti-army rants and expressed his displeasure about it. He said he had also scolded him for his re­marks against the institutions.

“Have you gone insane? The judiciary and the army are our institutions and you have spo­ken against them?” Parvez Elahi said while referring to his con­versation with Shahbaz Gill.

Parvez Elahi said that he had rebuked Shahbaz Gill telling him that it was “really bad” [to speak against the institutions]. “It is Pakistan’s army and who­soever speaks against the army cannot be a Pakistani”, he add­ed. He, however, said that peo­ple like Gill and Talal Ch were there in the political parties.

“I have myself issued a state­ment and even Khan sab has spoken in favour of the army”, he said. In a separate state­ment, Ch Parvez Elahi went to the extent of saying that who­soever talked against the army, should be declared as an enemy of Pakistan and to the religion of Islam. He said that no one could talk against the Pakistan Army under any circumstances.

“Pakistan’s armed forces are the guarantors to safeguard the frontiers of our country and are also a symbol of our pride. Only an enemy to the country can in­dulge into propaganda against the army”, he said.

The CM maintained that PTI chief Imran Khan, his party and the whole nation was standing with the Pakistan Army. He de­nounced that PML-N was mak­ing a false and baseless pro­paganda. “We will not allow anyone to attain political mo­tives by defaming the army”, he said, adding that a false propa­ganda is being launched from the PML-N media cell.

Replying to a question about the alleged unrest in bureaucra­cy which feared a vindictive ac­tion from the PTI government in Punjab, the chief minister stat­ed in categorical terms that he did not believe in vindictive ac­tions against bureaucracy.

He said the chief secretary had left Punjab for his own personal reasons and not be­cause of any anticipated re­vengeful action.

“You can call the chief secretary and ask…. he left due to some oth­er reason. I and Moonis Elahi sat with the chief secretary and had a heart-to-heart conversation with him. But he still wanted to leave for some other reason”, the chief minister said while refuting the impression that the top bureau­crat was not comfortable working with him.

He went on to say: “I did not appoint the IG and the CS; nei­ther they were appointed by the PTI or Imran Khan. They were appointed by Shahbaz Sharif as Prime minister, and I owned them. I have accepted them with an open heart”.

Asked if it should be assumed that there would be no vindic­tive action against civil offi­cers regarding the May 25 in­cident, Parvez Elahi replied: “Have we done any such ac­tion so far? I don’t believe in vindictive actions. When I be­came Punjab chief minister in 2002, all bureaucrats had been appointed by Shehbaz Sharif and I was under pressure to re­move them. But I resisted say­ing it is my job; you get results from me. Let me do my work”, he remarked adding that many of the officers posted by Shah­baz Sharif were competent of­ficers and he retained them. “Now, I have even retained ex-bureaucrats who previously worked with me like GM Sikan­dar, my ex-principal secretary and Suleman Ghani, the former chairman P&D”.