Imran Khan condemns arrest of wife of Shahbaz Gill’s assistant

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has strongly condemned the arrest of the wife of Shahbaz Gill’s assistant during a raid from Islamabad police.

Taking to Twitter, Khan said that he strongly condemn fascist illegal abductions in shadows of late night of Ammad Yousaf and now wife of Shahbaz Gill’s assistant Izhaar.

He shared that wife of Gill’s assistant is now incarcerated in women police station. “I want to ask our legal community are there no fundamental right anymore?”

He lamented that ‘imported’ government of cabal of crooks brought through foreign backed regime change is using fear and terror in media & people to gain acceptance after being routed in Punjab elections.

“But all they are succeeding in doing is further destabilizing country. Only solution is fair & free elections,” Imran Khan said.


Moreover, Islamabad police have also confirmed the raid at the house and blamed the occupants of the house for resisting a search from the police.


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