Mingora   -   A jirga in Swat district has secured the release of a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and others

cops, who had been injured in a clash with militants. At Balasur Top in Tehsil Matta of District Swat on Monday, four officers including a DSP were wounded in the clash with militants. DSP Pir Said was later taken to the Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital, where it was reported that he was in a stable condition. The militants also handed the

policemen’s guns over to the jirga. The clash erupted when the cops conducted a raid following a tip-off regarding the presence of the militants in the Balasur Top region, where the militants took the DSP and other cops hostage.

According to local sources, a sizable number of militants have landed in Tehsil Matta and in addition to  establishing their authority, they have begun extorting money from the affluent people. Locals are scared  and many stay indoors after sunset.