Khyber-A protest demonstration of labourers and daily wagers against restriction at the Torkham border was held on Wednesday.

Scores of local labourers carrying black flags gathered in front of NADRA Square, Torkham and chanted slogans against what they said was an injustice restriction, implemented by the concerned authorities for them while crossing the border.

They said that because of a lack of source of income, thousands of tribesmen cross the border to Afghanistan to earn three times meals for their families, however, the authorities have restrained their movement by conditioning it with proper legal travelling documents (passport, visa) that are impossible for them. Due to constrained policy at the crossing thousands of families have been compelled to starve, they added.

The protestors demanded of the border security officials to have mercy on them and relax restrictions and permit them to cross the border while producing national identity (ID card).

On assurance of the administrative official Ghuncha Gul Mohmand, that their grievance will be conveyed to the high-ups for consideration, the protestors gave up their agitation.