ISLAMABAD    -    The first China-Pakistan co-produced animated film, Allahyar  and the Legend of Markhor, has been on display at the 2022 Origin Western Film Festival in China’s  north-western city of Xi’an  since August 5th, China Economic  Net (CEN) reported on Wednesday.  The only foreign film in the   7-day exhibition, Allahyar and

the Legend of Markhor is shown  in two of the 15 designated cinemas  and theatres in Xi’an, with a total of seven showings, according  to the official statement  of the film festival.  It is to be noted that the markhor-  themed  nimated film premiered  in China on December  19th, 2021 as part of the activities  to celebrate the 70th anniversary

of China-Pakistan diplomatic  ties, and it was set for  theatrical release across the  Chinese mainland on December

25, 2021.  The film is also the second Pakistani  animated film released  in China after the Donkey King,  which becomes the best-performing  Pakistani film with a record  box office in China.   The animated film is a co-  production  by Xi’an Bailu Fenghe  Tourism Culture Communication   Co, LTD, Xinying Jiayin (Xinyi) Film Culture Development  Co., LTD., Danxi Pictures  (Xiamen) Culture Media Co,   LTD, and the 3rd World Studios  (Pakistan).

Divided into 10 exhibition  themes, the 2022 Origin Western  Film Festival involves 31 films  with a total of 300 screenings.  The film festival was hosted  by Western Film Group, Shaanxi   Broadcasting and Television Cultural Industry Development  Co, Ltd, Shaanxi Film Industry  Association, and Xi’an Chenshuo   Film Co, Ltd, CEN added.