ISLAMANAD    -   Pakistan yesterday strongly de­nounced the Indian govern­ment’s mischievous move of observing ‘Partition Horrors Re­membrance Day’ on August 14.

“True to its characteristic re­visionist agenda, the BJP-RSS led dispensation has again sought to hypocritically and one-sidedly invoke the trag­ic events and mass migration that occurred in the wake of Independence in 1947,” said Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmed. He added: “It is deplorable that the BJP government, as part of its divisive political agenda, is wantonly attempt­ing to play with the sentiments of the people through distort­ed interpretation of history.” If the Indian leaders genuine­ly care about agony, suffer­ing and pain, they must work to improve the conditions of the Muslims and other mi­norities in India, he said. Ear­lier, India’s ruling Bharatiya Ja­nata Party (BJP) announced to observe August 14 as the ‘Vibhajan Vibhishika Divas, or the Partition Horrors Remem­brance Day’ at a time when the sub-continent commemorat­ing the completion of 75 years since partition. Asim Iftikhar Ahmed said the last seven de­cades have been replete with undeniable proof that India’s espousal of secularism was a sham. “The fact is that today’s India is an undeclared ‘Hindu Rashtra’ that has no place or tolerance for other religious minorities, especially Muslims who are faced with discrimi­nation, persecution and polit­ical and socio-economic exclu­sion,” he said.