PPP censures PTI for attacking state institutions

Saeed Ghani says Shahbaz Gil’s language continuation of Imran Khan’s politics.

ISALAMABAD    -   Pakistan People’s Party yesterday cen­sured Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf for alleg­edly attacking the state institutions.

Speaking at a news conference here, PPP leader Saeed Ghani said that the language used by Shahbaz Gill for Pakistan Army and institu­tions was a continuation of Imran Khan’s politics for the last 4 months.

“Whatever is said is said under a plan and there should be a high-level inquiry, freedom of expression is never meant to cross all consti­tutional and legal limits,” he added. Sindh Minister for Labour and Man­power Saeed Ghani said Imran Khan had become the biggest security threat for this country and he and his followers considered themselves to be killed by the constitution and law.

“The military leadership itself is say­ing that it does not want to interfere in politics in any way. If the Israelis and Indians gave funds to Imran Khan, they must have given him a task and that task is to destroy the institutions, soci­ety, politics and the new generation of this country,” the PPP leader claimed. Saeed Ghani said that this process was not new, but it has been started since the no-confidence motion against Im­ran Khan in a constitutional and le­gal manner and Imran Khan had said many times that if the institutions, ju­diciary and Election Commission work under him. He said that Gill’s last day’s talk was under a plan and its master­mind was Imran Khan himself.

He said that Shahbaz Gill is not the beginning but it is the continuation of Imran Khan’s ongoing campaign against institutions for the last 4 months. Ghani said that it was Imran Khan’s mission to scare institutions, judiciary, judges, soldiers, election commission and media so that no one dares to speak against him. He said that Imran Khan was considering himself above the constitution and law. Saeed Ghani maintained that “the decision of the case filed by Akbar Babar in the Election Commission is incomplete.”

The PPP leader said as this was only for funding up to 2011, “we demand that the funding to PTI from 2012 to 2022 should also be looked into and in this regard the federal govt should immediately form a JIT (Joint Investi­gation Team).” Ghani alleged that Im­ran Khan had taken external funding. “Imran Khan has taken funds from non-Pakistanis and companies which is legally a crime,” he elaborated.

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