ISLAMABAD   -   The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Wednesday challenged the Election Commission of Pakistan’s fact finding report in the prohibited funding case against the party.

PTI’s Additional Secretary General Omar Ayyub moved the petition be­fore the Islamabad High Court (IHC) through his counsels former attor­ney general Anwar Mansoor Khan and others, praying the court to de­clare the ECP’s decision dated August 2, 2022, as illegal.

They stated that the petitioner is grossly aggrieved by the Fact Finding Report heard on 21-06-2022 and an­nounced on 02.08.2022 by the Elec­tion Commission of Pakistan. He add­ed that the petitioner was utterly dissatisfied with the impugned Fact Finding Report, being contrary to facts and the law, additionally having been passed in excess of authority and in vi­olation of the judgments of the supe­rior courts. The petitioner sought to challenge the impugned Fact Finding Report, praying the court to declare it null and void. He adopted the stance that the ECP is the constitutional ad­ministrative body created for carrying out fair and free elections, and to car­ry out other purposes as required un­der the Constitution and the statutes. The respondent was mandated to in­ter alia, by the Supreme Court of Paki­stan in case of Muhammad Hanif Ab­basi versus Imran Khan Niazi and 3 others reported as PLD 2018 SC 189 to scrutinize the source of funds and the accounts of political parties un­der the previous law, the Political Par­ties Order 2002 . The PTI contended that the ECP has passed the impugned Fact Finding Report dated 02.08.2022, based on incorrect facts, incorrect ap­plication of law, beyond its jurisdic­tion and in an unreasonable, irra­tional, bias manner. “The exercise of executive is to be exercised reason­ably, rationally, proportionately, just­ly, without any bias or ulterior motive, supported by reason and explanation. The ECP, in the impugned Fact Finding Report, has not adhered to any princi­ples which regulate the discretion of an executive body,” said the party