Lady ASP evacuates widow’s plot from land mafia

PESHAWAR   -   Demonstrating a resolute commitment to upholding her duty, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Nayab Ramzan of Mansehra exemplified a commendable act by reclaiming a widow’s property from land grabbers in accordance with a court order. This act was a culmination of the widow’s arduous 14-year struggle to regain her rightful land.

In an interaction with the media, ASP Nayab Ramzan recounted that the land had originally been allocated to the widow as part of her ‘Haq Meher’ some 14 years ago. Tragically, following her husband’s demise, the land fell victim to occupation by a land mafia, depriving the widow of her rightful inheritance.

To rectify this injustice, the local police force from Shinkyari was mobilized, accompanied by the tehsildar and patwari. Their concerted efforts led to the successful eviction of the encroachers and the reinstatement of the land to its rightful owner – the widow.

ASP Nayab Ramzan emphasized the efficacy of women police officers in addressing matters pertinent to women in society, given their intimate understanding of the unique challenges women face. She highlighted that the course of action was initiated upon the widow’s request, adhering to directives issued by the District Police Officer (DPO) of Mansehra.

Throughout the process of reclaiming the land, ASP Nayab Ramzan displayed steadfast resolve alongside the widow. Despite opposition from adversaries, they persevered until justice was unequivocally served.

The online community also lavished praise on ASP Nayab Ramzan’s proactive stance through various social media platforms.

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