Safe City conducts evaluation of 1600 private cameras in Islamabad

The Technical Team of the Safe City Islamabad Command and Control Center conducted a survey of 1600 private security cameras installed in various areas of Islamabad.

Police said that the technical team surveyed 1600 private security cameras installed at Koral Chowk, Khanna Pul, Express Highway, Aabpara, Melody, Poly Clinic, G-9 Center, F-10 Center, I-10 Green Belt near Sabzi Mandi, I-16 Center, and G-13 Road in Islamabad.

The aim of the survey is to ensure access to Islamabad Police in urban as well as rural areas in order and enable effective handling and monitoring of incidents or events.

Moreover, private security camera owners were also requested to ensure the proper functioning of their cameras at all times and to provide timely CCTV footage to the police when required in order to assist in crime prevention and investigation.

Police have urged citizens to collaborate in eradicating criminal elements and provide strong support to the force.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt