Unveiling Pakistan  

The tourism industry is rapidly emerging as a leading sector in the global economy, with a multi-billion-dollar value that has the potential to significantly boost a country’s economy. According to statistics, in 2022, the United States will collect revenue of $175 billion USD from the travel and tourism market. Similarly, in 2023, Turkey earned revenue of $45.5 billion USD, attracting an estimated 44.5 million international travellers.

The matter at hand is to pay more attention to the industry and facilitate its advancement. The high-altitude mountains and snow-covered peaks in Northern Pakistan offer breathtaking natural beauty rivalling that of renowned destinations such as Nepal’s Mt. Everest. The spectacular wilderness of national parks in Gilgit, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan can be a true haven for wilderness lovers. The beautiful and vast plains and deserts of Punjab and Sindh have the potential to attract millions of international tourists annually. Additionally, the coastal areas of Balochistan offer stunning beauty and attractions comparable to renowned beaches in Portugal and Central America.

However, Pakistan’s tourism industry has been overlooked, and the lack of advanced facilities makes it challenging for international travellers to explore the country fully. By prioritising and investing in the tourism sector, Pakistan has the potential to rapidly boost its economy and emerge as a top destination for global travellers.



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