UK diplomat gifts Gujrat Museum cabinet filled with antiquities

The cabinet has been designed by a local Pakistani architect

ISLAMABAD  -  The outgoing Deputy Head of Communication for the British High Commission Tom Hyde yesterday presented the Gujrat Museum a new cabinet filled with antiquities collected from ancient mounds along the River Jhelum. Funded privately by Hyde, the cabinet was gifted to the Gujrat Museum and the Archaeological Depart­ment, with Museum Director Yahya Sikander and Mobeenur Rehman taking ownership.

The cabinet, designed by a local Pakistani architect, features important artifacts from ancient coins, to votive terracotta animal figu­rines from the Indo-Scythian and Kushan eras (100BCE - 350CE) that were found by surface collection by Hyde and his archaeological com­panions -including Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar, Usman Ali and others - from mounds being de­stroyed by agricultural expansion. On present­ing the artefacts back to the people of Pakistan, Hyde said: “My time in Pakistan is now coming to a close and this cabinet is my gift back to the people to whom these antiquities rightly be­long. I will miss my trips across Punjab, I will miss working with Pakistan’s excellent archae­ologists, but most of all I will miss waking up every Sunday morning not quite knowing what wonderful adventure is coming my way next.”

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