Numerous of the cases have been documented regarding human rights abuses worldwide like the Palestine dispute but the issue of Kashmir is someway different from other global confrontations. Perhaps, Kashmiris are striving since the day of the Pakistan-India partition but the Indian military has illegally occupied this land of natural beauty that is against the regimes and jurisdictions set by UNO and Human Rights Commission so far. However, since the current administration has come to power the intensity and rate of human rights violations have been brought about the peak of disparity and dissatisfaction among Kashmiris. As Narinder Modi is the representative of the Bharatia Janta Party that came into being with the concept of demolishing minorities and specifically the Muslims who are struggling for their freedom. For implementing Hindutva principles and regulations, the Indian Government declared to launch new policies and programs to encroach Kashmir's territory and to merge this region in India so that legally it could be confessed it is the Part of the Indian state. For that purpose, BJP's management decided to amend the Indian constitution and removed the articles 370 and 35A that had been considered as the only possible way to convince global communities on conducting a public referendum in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. But, the Indian military and as well as the administration have never let this happen and therefore they are brutally harming and killing the innocent people residing in Kashmir. Moreover, the troops and security forces appointed in Kashmir are attempting to make the Kashmiris confess that they are willing to make an annexation with India as a state. 

Furthermore, removing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in addition to the elimination of articles from the Indian constitution was the ultimate objective of the Bharatia Janta Party because it supports an extremist kind of organization that was developed to kill minorities and specifically the Muslim communities. As far as the provisions of 370 and 35A are concerned, no one who belongs to the outside of Kashmir is permitted to purchase or sell its land to any of the third-party agents because that right is only attainable by Kashmiris. All these things imply that even Indian citizens are not allowed to purchase a piece of land in Jammu and Kashmir although they are permanent citizens of India. In short, nonpermanent residers of Kashmir will not be entitled to these privileges so far. According to the facts and figures collected by global institutions like Human Rights Commission, United Nations Security Council, and UN General Assembly concerned with human rights violations, it has been documented that since the independence of Pakistan more than 100,000 Kashmiris have been killed by Indian Troops and over 7,200 people are murdered in Indian custody as well. Furtherly, the extent of cruelty in the occupied valley of Kashmir can be estimated by notifying the 23,000 widowed women and 11,000 orphaned children so far. Despite the killings of innocent people, it has also been recorded that more than 11,000 women have been raped by Indian military forces in the last year. All these tragedies exemplify how hilarious and horrible the past decades have been for Kashmiris so far. 

Additionally, Modi's government is also distributing NOCs among Indian communities so that they could purchase the land of Kashmir without political and strategic regulations. Likewise, the administration of BJP has been issued over 8,500 certificates among the population residing in Doda district which is against the demographic balance, comprising 53.81 percent of Muslims and 45.76 percent of Hindus. Similarly, 6,213 domicile certificates were distributed among the people of the Rajouri District which comprises 62.71 percent of the Muslim population. Likewise, the local and as well as regional authorities have also been granted 6,123 residency certificates in Poonch which is a border district consisting of 90.44 percent Muslim population. Subsequently, more than 435 certificates among non-muslims have been issued in the Kashmir region where 96.4 percent of the Muslims are residing. In short, whether it is about the encroachment of Kashmir's territory by the Indian administration or it is concerned with the cruelties developed by Indian troops severe kinds of human rights violations are being made by the BJP government. Therefore, international communities specifically the superpower United States of America must enforce the Indian administration to stop human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir through imposing some strategic, diplomatic, political, and economic regulations upon Indian management. In the same way, the USA should focus on emerging this issue in the United Nations Organization so that the resolution of this global issue could be devised smoothly.

In the concluding remarks, it is finally conducted that human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir have been reached up to the peak of brutality that needs to be checked as soon as possible. Otherwise, as a result of occurring dispute between Pakistan and India due to the violations of human rights, there might be developed the probability of war between two nuclear-armed countries. Therefore, international communities including America should involve individually to resolve this global issue to restrain the Indian administration from violating the laws of human rights.