Aisam elected PTF chief, vows to elevate Pakistan tennis

Col Zia Uddin Tufail (R) and Arif Qureshi secure the role of Secretary and Treasurer

LAHORE   -  Pakistan tennis ace Aisamul Haq Qureshi has ascended to the presidency of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), with Col Zia Uddin Tufail (R) secur­ing the role of secretary, and Arif Qureshi being named trea­surer for the 2024-2028 tenure. 

The election, which took place at the PTF SDA Tennis Com­plex in Islamabad, saw Aisam Qureshi edging out Maj Gen As­ghar Nawaz (R) in a closely con­tested battle for the presidency, with the final vote tally at eight to seven. Similarly, the secretary position witnessed a tight race, with Lt Col Zia Uddin Tufail (R) emerging victorious over Maj Suleman Junaid by the same margin. Arif Qureshi clinched the treasurer spot with nine votes against Umar Farooq’s six. 

In an interview with The Na­tion, an elated Aisam expressed his gratitude and vision, say­ing, “First and foremost, I am thankful to the Almighty for this honor. Having dedicated 25 years to playing for my country and bringing it laurels, I am now poised to contribute to a new capacity as the presi­dent of the federation.” 

The new PTF president out­lined his ambitious agenda, which focuses on revitalizing Pakistan tennis through en­hanced sponsorship, grass­roots development, and nur­turing international-caliber players to follow in the foot­steps of icons like himself and Aqeel Khan. “My goal is to fos­ter a culture of respect for play­ers and coaches, enabling them to excel and bring glory to Paki­stan,” he emphasized. 

Highlighting his initiative, the ACE Tennis Academy, Aisam shared plans to expand the program and introduce structured training with inter­national coaches. “Our aim is to host more ATF and ITF junior tournaments in Pakistan, pro­viding our players with ample opportunities to improve their skills and international stand­ings,” he added. 

Emphasizing the importance of player welfare, the new PTF president pledged to increase prize money across junior and senior levels and offer substan­tial rewards and match fees to Davis Cup participants. “Re­specting and incentivizing our players is crucial for their devel­opment and success on the in­ternational stage,” he remarked. 

With a rich international playing career, Aisam is keen on leveraging his global contacts to foster collaborations that will offer Pakistani players greater exposure. “This initiative will enable our players to train abroad while also welcoming their athletes to compete with ours here. Such exchanges are crucial for maximizing our players’ exposure, enhancing their skills, and ultimately el­evating their performance in both national and international competitions. 

“As a player myself, I share a strong bond with fellow tennis players; they’re like brothers to me. I’m dedicated to advancing their welfare strictly on merit. I am determined to support their progress on merit and have plans for them in store that will professionalize and revolutionize Pakistan tennis,” Aisam concluded.

Azhar Khan is an accomplished senior sports journalist with extensive experience in the field. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @azharmasood786

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