Religious seminaries have popped up all over the country. I am sure they provide millions of children with the opportunity to at least learn the Quran and be disciplined though there should be some checks on their mushrooming growth. They should be registered as all schools need to be and an account should be maintained of how many there are and which fiqua (sect) they belong to. There should be accountability of where the funding and sponsoring is coming from. We can also bring reform in Madressas by modifying the curriculum, making them at par with other schools and thus making the students competent to get jobs. These Madressas are providing education which does not prepare them for the outside world and we cannot have two million ‘Maulvis.’ So, a system should be developed, where seminary students can find more options for employment. By registration, funding, curriculum, modification and system development, a change in the mindset of the youth can come and they can become contributing and responsible members of society.


Lahore, January 8.