Fatyana underlines law to end child labour

KAMALIA-Awam League Chairman Riaz Fatyana vehemently demanded abolition of child labour of any kind, both at domestic and commercial levels.
“There must be an end to child labour and tougher laws must be introduced to eliminate this cruel and inhumane practice.”
AL chief Riaz Fatyana was talking to the media. Mr Fatyana stressed that the prevailing scenario and affairs of the country warrants a variety of legislation to discourage and check various social evils. “The minors are left at the mercy of circumstances to work in bleak conditions and no law is enacted to rid these children of exploitation,” he emphasised.
He lamented that had there been any law of such kind, Tayyaba and thousands of other such kids would not have been victims of violence.
He appealed to the government to take serious notice of the violence and treat it as a test case for future. He demanded that missing daughters of parents must be found and delivered to them as well.
The government has approved lying of additional gas pipeline of 10 inches diameter, from Shorkot to Kamalia to improve gas supply, said MNA Ch Asadur Rehman.
Addressing a press conference here, he said that currently gas is supplied to Kamalia from Shorkot through a pipeline of eight inches diameter. He informed that the pipeline is used to supply gas to different villages including tehsil Pirmahal.
He said that Kamalia is situated at the tail end of the pipeline due to which its residents have to suffer worst gas outages in winter.
The SNGPL has issued a final approval for installation of the additional pipeline of 10 inches diameter, from Shorkot to Kamalia which, after installation, will help reduce gas outages and address low gas-pressure in winter.

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