Eyes that once had dreams, some innocent complains, and greater hopes, do not cry now. They don’t complain anymore against the pain, the tears and about the lost innocence .They are clueless for they can’t see why someone as delicate and innocent as herself could be directed to such brutality… Zainab we are sorry!

“Zainab we are sorry.” As I hear the newscaster say this, I stare at that bright happy smile on Zainab’s face littered with hope. My heart trembles when I see her parents protesting with utter hopelessness. My rage mounting when I see her culprits free and mind racing with numerous thoughts and feelings but my mouth is speechless. I cannot find words to describe the barbaric act to the seven year old Zainab.

Kidnapped, tortured, raped, Zainab was found in the heaps of trash in Kasur. With her parents away for Umrah, Zainab was kidnapped outside her house. Alas, another Zainab was striped off her innocence and subjected to a shameful act of atrocity, another Zainab was tortured to death and here we are paying our tributes to her and we are done!

Yes, we are done with our everyday formalities with a few reports, a few shows dedicated to her and a few tweets .The question is what use is it going to be to her if her criminals are not caught? How many Zainabs will fall prey to those savages?

The list of such atrocities in the past is endless. While some cases are reported and highlighted by media and NGOs, there are numerous others which go unnoticed. The culprits roam around free and the chances of getting them caught are narrow. Here rises the need to question the government officials and to remind them that a few hashtags and tweets will not assure justice to Zainab and multitudinous others who went through the same or even worse. It is high time we start doing more than just mourning. Failure at the part of the concerned authorities so far has left a question mark on the role they play in the society.

What had human beings become? Did war make us evil or just activate an evil already lurking within us? I leave it upon you to decide and while I struggle to find words to express my sorrow, I find nothing except for my helplessness and apologies. Zainab we are sorry….