A delusional strategy

Reference the article "US-Afghan self-delusive strategy" by Sajjad Shaukat as published in your paper on June 21, 2008, I have been greatly impressed by the new ideas introduced by your writer. I agree with Mr Sajjad that Washington and Kabul are acting on a pre-planned scheme of accusing Pakistan of 'infiltration'. They want to declare our tribal areas to be the sanctuaries of Taliban. The US and its puppet government at Kabul are accusing Pakistan of cross-border terrorism to divert the attention of the US public from the weaknesses of their strategy in war on terror. The writer has also revealed new drastic implications of a US-Afghan nexus for our national interests. He is also right in saying that any US aggression in Pakistan's Frontier province will prove a 'self-delusive' initiative for the Americans. In case of any prospective US military action in FATA, both Iran and Pakistan might stand together to frustrate the US strategic designs. And their further alliance with Syria would make matters worse for Washington. In that case, a vast region from Pakistan to Somalia and Nigeria to Iraq will be radicalized, bringing about more terrorism directed against the Americans. - PROF ALEEM PERVAIZ, Lahore, via e-mail, June 23.

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