Angel of Mercy, Abdul Sattar Edhi was laid to rest in Edhi village on 9thJuly 2016. An iconic figure that served humanity and only humanity without any distinction of cast, creed or religion. He lived a life of simple man and achieved in his mortal life those goals, millions of people can only dream about. Edhi served humanity in all possible ways. His life is a lesson that dedication, determination and a strong-will can make impossible, possible in this world. His welfare organization has now been serving every nook & corner of our country like teeth of comb touching almost every hair of head. Virtue is its own reward; Services rendered by Abdul Sattar Edhi to humanity were acknowledged by countries like USSR, India, Italy, Korea, in form of awards. Lenin Peace Prize was given to him in 1988. IBA Karachi conferred upon him the degree of honorary doctorate in 2006and UNESCO awarded Madanjeet Singh Prize in 2009. The Huffington Post said in 2013, that he might be “the world’s greatest living humanitarian” 

A simple humanitarian, complete down-to-earth person earned accolades from all four corners of the world for his continuous efforts to serve the poor and destitute in best possible way. He always remained humble and adapted a simple living style without any pomp and show. Served the humanity till he breathed last. The need of hour is that we should have more & more Abdul Sattar Edhis who may become his Falg-bearers and continue his mission and expand its dimensions. May his soul be elevated to the highest echelon of heaven. Amen. 


Islamabad, July 10.