GUJRANWALA-Religious and civil society organisations strongly condemned the suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia and called it brutal activity against humanity.

Pakistan Sunni Tehrek arranged a protest at Jinnah Park in which Mollana Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jilali urged the Muslim world to unite and adopt a strategy against terrorism. Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa Pakistan Ameer Daud Rizvi in a meeting also condemned the suicide attack in Madina Munawar. He asked the Muslim rulers to take serious notice of these incidents and raise voice against terrorism. Alhaj Muhammad Hafiz Niazi, Rauf Rizvi, Mehmood Akram Rizvin, Ghulam Dastgir Qadri and others also attended the meeting.

United Christian Churches along with Christian Muslim Rabata Society organised an emergency meeting after suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia. Speakers strongly condemned the attacks. Representatives of United Churches Francis Chaman, Ashraf Gill, Emmanuel Ahmed, Tariq George, Sharif Alam, Arif Masih Siraj, Sabar Gull and Prof Shahzad Lawrance along with social and political Christian members strongly condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with Saudi Arabia.