Lahore - Major (r) Muhammad Javed has said racial violence in the US is the result of its own policies.

“The gunning down of two black men exposes the (discriminatory) mindset of White System that protects just its race,” he said in Waqt News programme Insight with Salim Bokhari yesterday.

He went on to say: “The US is responsible of unrest across the word and the American presidential system, that has a number of shortcomings, is the root cause. This presidential system is behind the wars across the world. The world peace would be possible until the US changes its policies.

“It is regretful that after unleashing bloodbath in Iraq, Tony Blair said he felt sorry as they found nothing from the war-torn state,” he said, adding that the western media should highlight the atrocities on Muslim states as no one could save the world from destruction if discriminatory policies remain unchanged.

“The brainchild of Daesh wanted to spread terror across the world,” he said, adding that the US would create an atmosphere of terror so that it could lead its allies to war on this terror group-hit states.

PJ Meer stressed the need for unity among Ummah to fight off external plots, questioning as to why the Muslim states had been puppets of the US for a long time and why Muslims states had not so far made a joint strategy to fend off such designs.

“Muslim states have let the US mortgage their sovereignty,” he said, adding that American was inventing robots to fight its enemies. It conquered the moon by technology not by plotting. We have done nothing in this field.

He added: “If anyone talked of bringing betterment to the Ummah, the voice was silenced.

Rao Manzar said, “Daesh is created to split Muslim states and the Western states and the US are financing it. Muslims are got involved in killing each other. They must think about it.”

He found Hasina Wajid’s hard-line policies behind the Daesh attack in Dhaka, saying that Bangladeshi public bore the brunt of ruthless hanging of the JI leaders.