Don’t cross your legs.

Those pants are too tight.

Don’t wear those pants.

What will your aunt say?

Sit still.

Cover your head.

Don’t cover your head.

Walk straight.

Don’t look at those boys.

I said don’t look at them.

Don’t wear red outside.

Don’t wear black outside.

Don’t wear white outside.

Wear something plainer.

Is that lipstick?

Wipe it off.

I said wipe it off.

Don’t roll your eyes.

Did you just wink?

Never sit across from a boy.

Yes, not even your uncle.

You’re wearing eyeliner!?

Why are you wearing eyeliner?

Why are you wearing eyeliner to college?

No, it’s okay, you can.

You should check her phone.

She wore eyeliner to college!

No you can’t go to the lunch.

I don’t care if it’s girls-only.

No, I still don’t care.

What will the neighbors say?

Your ankle’s showing.

I said your ankle’s showing.

Go cover up.

Don’t wear that today.

Why? What will the family say?

Who was that on the phone?

It’s for your own good.

That dress is too tight.

Why is that boy looking at you?

No, but does he know you?

Do you know him?

Are you having an affair?

Grab a scarf or something for God’s sake.

What will your in-laws say?

No, it’s for your own good.

No, we know what’s best for you.

I’ll miss you.

Why? Don’t you keep him happy?

You’ve let yourself go.

It’s for your own good.

Don’t let yourself go.

It’s your fault.

No, you can’t leave.

No, you can’t come here.

Think of the children.

What will the people say?

No, be patient.

We are here for you.

It’s your own fault.

It’s for your own good.

Your kids won’t forgive you.

We won’t forgive you.

You've let yourself go.

What do you mean you don’t care?

Is this how you repay for the freedom we gave you?