Justice Isa's wife asks FBR for tax records of PM, Shahzad Akbar, Farogh Nasim

ISLAMABAD            -    The wife of Justice Qazi Faez Isa has asked the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that why she was sent a notice in relation to ‘tax year 2018’ when one of the properties mentioned was purchased in 2004 and other two in 2013.

Serina Isa Khoso wife of apex court judge asked the question in her written statement submitted to the FBR when she visited FBR office on July 9. During her visit, she also submitted the related documents to Zulfiqar Ahmed Commissioner (IR), Islamabad.

She also asked the FBR to provide copies of income tax records of Imran Khan, Abdul Waheed Dogar, Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Farogh Naseem, Anwar Mansoor Khan and Dr Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed whether they showed properties of their wives and children in their income tax till now.

According to her written statement, Sarina Isa informed the FBR official that three open envelopes with their contents on full display were pasted on the gate of her husband’s [Justice Isa] official residence and attached the picture of envelopes with the reply. She said, “One envelope is addressed to me, one to my daughter, and one to my son.” “My daughter and son are married, and live separately in London. Therefore, I returned the envelopes addressed to her daughter and son to the FBR authorities,” said the statement.

She wrote, “Imran Khan’s coterie has spread lies about me since May last year and said my husband was owner of the three properties in London. They pretended that they received this information from one Abdul Waheed Dogar, who they say wrote to Mirza Shahzad Akbar. But they did not ask me a single question about these properties.”

Sarina Isa told FBR that 50 Coniston Court, Kendal Street, London was purchased 16 years ago in 2004. “I bought this very small one-bedroom apartment on the sixth floor for £236,000. Later I added my daughter’s name to it.”

She said, “I helped my son and daughter to buy two properties in relatively cheap areas on the outskirts of London. My husband was not in favour of this because he did not want his children to live abroad.”

She continued, “I helped my daughter to buy 90 Adelaide Road, London, E10 5NW in 2013 at a price of £270,000. This property was bought in both our names and still stands in both our names."

Sarina maintained that the 40 Oakdale Road, London, E11 4DL was purchased in 2013 with £245,000. “I helped my son buy this property, which is in both our names and still stands in both our names.” She added, “I still own agricultural lands in Deh Korar, Tapa Zangipur, Thul, District Jacobabad, Sindh and in Tehsil Dera Murad Jamali, district.”


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