Recently, Sindh High Court Hyderabad bench gave judgement regarding SPSC, which has suspended the whole Act of 1989 of Sindh Public Service Commission. The outcome of this suspension is that all the tests and results conducted since 1989 are suspended. 

Only one institution providing employment to deserving candidates is now suspended. It is not under the jurisdiction of the High Court to suspend the act or to interfere in the legislation process. In the same judgement, SHC also declared null and void the result of CCE 2018, in which hundreds of deserving candidates were passed and allocated into different groups. Most of them were the same candidates who were victimised before as in the judgement given by the Supreme Court for declaring null and void the result of CCE 2013. Again they have been victimised. Their hard work, struggle all has been wasted and their future has been demolished.

An appeal has been filed by the victims of this judgment. So, now the ball is in the Supreme Court and Supreme Court should repeal this decision and must save the future of these deserving candidates.