Agnostic Youth on Campus

Religious belief is often considered a private matter, but it sometimes attracts the attention of those deeply entrenched in their own beliefs and practices. A few days ago, I met a good friend who holds a PhD in physics and is a professor at one of the country’s leading private universities.

After exchanging formal pleasantries, I noticed his grim expressions and appalling sentiments regarding the current youth and their behaviors even in top academic institutions in the capital. Upon my insistence, he shared his concerns about the prevalent practices and diverse interests of today’s youth. His startling revelations about the digression of our youth drew great concern from the audience present.

One of his major areas of concern was the significant deviation of our youth from religious practices and Islamic injunctions. Although he spoke eloquently, I deduced from his talk that he was deeply troubled by the youth’s departure from social norms and religious practices. He made a shocking and perplexing comment that within a decade, there would be rare practicing Muslims in our society, especially among the youth. The youth are constantly engaged with social media apps and glued to their mobile screens, watching and sharing agnostic and skeptical ideas from various sites without in-depth analysis or sagacious interpretations.

It is evident that we live in an age of remarkable scientific and technological advancements, but we have also strayed from the illuminating path of our Islamic ideology and religious teachings. Young students from various universities even ridicule those who follow and practice religious teachings on campus, labeling them as conservative instead of appreciating their religious adherence. Some students’ comments are so piercing that they highlight the extensive damage inflicted on our supposedly Islamic society.

It is crucial for all of us to revive our religious practices and instill them in our youth to prevent their agnostic and apostatic beliefs from leading them to a point of no return. It is high time to strengthen our religiosity through fidelity and robust practices to counter the rapidly growing agnostic and apostatic beliefs in our society, particularly in academic institutions.

The government must pay sincere attention to this serious issue, which is causing a significant stir in our society. There is a dire need for religious scholars and clerics to step forward and address this growing menace of infidelity and paganism, ultimately eradicating it from our society.