Armed robbers loot Rs 1.58m from GPO in Khewra

GUJAR KHAN   -   In a brazen daylight heist, a group of armed individuals managed to loot a staggering amount of Rs 1.58 million from the General Post Office (GPO) in Khewra town of district Jhelum. The audacious robbery took place on Wednesday afternoon, leaving authorities and residents shocked. According to a complaint filed by postmaster Khurram Shahzad with the Pind Dadan Khan police, two individuals, armed with pistols, entered the main hall at 1:30 pm, and one of them fired a shot and demanded all the cash in the post office, while the other stood guard at the entrance. As per the officer’s account, several staff members were present at the post office during the incident. The robbers compelled all the staff to lie on the floor while they made off with a substantial amount of cash, later estimated to be Rs 1,582,575. As per the statement given by the postmaster, the individuals responsible for the robbery were seen wearing white attire and were speaking in Punjabi. The police have filed the FIR under Section 392 PPC and initiated investigations.