Gujar Khan resident decides to live without electricity

Gujar khan   -   The ‘protected’ consumer of Iesco loses domestic connection after imposition of fabulous fines and decides to live without electricity in the jurisdiction of Guliana sub division of Gujar Khan. Sultan Mehmood a resident of Mohra Bhatti, consumer of Islamabad Electricity Supply Company in Guliana sub division of Gujar Khan tehsil, told this reporter that he was living in a cottage-like two room house, where two bulbs and a small TV, were used during the winter season and his bill was coming to the minimum due to lower consumption of below 100 units of electricity.

The copies of his previous bills reveal that he had consumed 50 units in June 2023; 23 units in July 23, 38 units in Aug 23; 38 units in Oct 23; and in November his meter was replaced after being declared defective for the previous months and in Nov 23 it consumed 13 units ; in Dec 23 it used 77 units; and in Jan 24 it used 37 units; in Feb 24 it used 51; in March 24 it used 71 units and in April 24 it used 148 units.

Sultan Mehmood, who earns living for his family by white washing, occasionally gets work on daily wages, said that he could not pay bills for the month of December amounting Rs. 749 and the next month he paid Rs. 1019. Mr. Sultan said that during the colder months his family used only two bulbs while fan was not used.

He said that he had lost his senses when the authorities of Iesco slapped a bill of Rs. 196,802 that was beyond the value of his cottage like house. According to him, this amount swelled further to Rs. 199,788 in the next two months while he was running from pillar to post for rectification of this bill and he was told that his meter was faulty and so he was imposed fine.

He said that the meter was taken away by the ‘barrel-chested’ officials of Guliana sub division. According to Mr Sultan, he said that he had been crying that he was not involved in pilferage and his consumption was low and the authorities in Gujar Khan slashed down my bill to Rs. 65,322 and then to Rs. 50,110, that too, according to him was beyond his financial capacity.

The poor labourer alleged that he has been requesting to evaluate on spot consumption load at his memter but my requests fell on deaf ears and now being unable to pay the ‘imaginary bill’ imposed on him, he was living without electricity in his house as his connection was already severed. He said that his only fault was that he was a poor man and the Iesco authorities were not ready to treat him in the category of ‘so called protected consumer’.

While responding to the Prime minister’s gesture of subsidizing power tariff for below 200 units consumers and announcement of granting solar system to the poor consumers by the chief minister Punjab, helpless Mr Sultan has urged upon the Prime minister and CM Punjab to order for thorough evaluation of his power load and rid him of unjustified penalty imposed on him and restore his connection and also gift him with solar system so that he may pay attention to bring up his children with his meagre income. 

He has also demanded action against high- handedness of the authorities concerned.