Past in Perspective

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” –Aristotle

  1. In the ancient city of Taxila, the world’s first university, Takshashila University, flourished over 2,500 years ago. This esteemed institution of learning attracted scholars and students from far and wide, offering a diverse curriculum encompassing philosophy, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy. Renowned sages and intellectuals, including the Buddha and Chanakya, graced its halls. The university’s significance extended beyond academics, fostering cultural exchange and intellectual discourse that shaped the ancient world. Takshashila’s legacy continues to inspire, reminding us of the power of knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom that transcends time and boundaries.The legacy of Takshashila University is deeply rooted in Pakistan, where it was first located. It encourages Pakistan to revitalize its intellectual and cultural history, promoting intellectual discourse, cultural interchange, and a knowledge-based economy. In order to promote growth and development and maintain Pakistan’s standing as the centre of learning and culture in the area, it serves as a reminder to Pakistan to place a high priority on academic freedom, critical thinking, and education.

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