PCG reports significant anti-smuggling operations

KARACHI   -   The Pakistan Coast Guard has conducted extensive anti-narcotics and anti-smuggling operations from June 9 to July 6, 2023. During this period, authorities seized 42.2-kg of meth ice, 650 cartons of alcohol, 5.6-kg of weed, 18,914-kg of betel nut, 9,187 packs of gutka, and 2,040-kg of cigarettes.

Additional confiscated items include various quantities of cloth, used goods, bakery products, makeup items, groceries, toiletries, blankets, shoes, and electronic items such as air conditioners, Wi-Fi routers, and car parts.

The Coast Guard also intercepted significant amounts of smuggled fuel, including 6,260 litres of petrol and 149,655 litres of diesel.

Operations in Hub have been particularly effective, nearly eliminating fuel smuggling in the area. Authorities continue to thwart attempts to smuggle goods using smaller vehicles. These efforts demonstrate the Coast Guard’s ongoing commitment to combating smuggling and narcotics trafficking along Pakistan’s coastal areas.