Inevitable is inevitable

Prime Minister Gilani actually expressed true sentiments of the Pakistani nation when he warned recently that militancy would not be allowed to flourish anywhere in Pakistan, be it FATA or Punjab. He said the militants can either lay down their weapons, in which case, the state would ensure that they are rehabilitated and given equal opportunities due to all citizens of Pakistan or they can choose to resist for which they would have to face the inevitable consequences. As Pakistanis, we need to stay committed to the cause of eradicating menace of religious extremism from our society. This war cannot be won without support of the public and it is pertinent that we all take ownership of this war. No country can fight a foreign battle. Conversely, all sovereign states have to fight for their own survival. The Taliban movement is near the end of its tether, the militants having lost a lot of their commanders and driven out of their sanctuaries that have been destroyed in South Waziristan. Any attempts to abandon the war at this critical juncture would be devastating. -AMMAR ZAFAR-ULLAH, Islamabad, June 9.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt