The word “education” is literally taken from the root “educe” which means “to lead out”. More emphatically education is guided by the Holy Quran in its fullest meaning as “to lead one out from darkness to light”. It becomes clear that education leads one from darkness to light.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “Seek education from cradle to the grave”.

It is therefore clear that education is for life. The journey starts when one keeps learning very beginning when he takes birth and it ends when he dies.

Like ways, there is no state of life without learning, and there is no age when the process of education comes to its end. Education lasts throughout the entire life of man, beginning from birth and ending only at death.

Before one goes to seek an education, one must be committed to getting the right education. The education guides him to live life with the right principles. It is more clear if he undertakes with full deliberation the better education which teaches him morality, honesty and acts with just to his fellow being. The right education helps him to choose the straight path.

The kind of education is not merely intellectual education but also an education for life, of which academic education is only a part.

Holy Quran has laid the test for those who follow the right path. He definitely shall go through hardships in his life. The Quran says in its verses with the following guidelines that life inevitably involves all kinds of hardship for those who live the right life. It says further, “And we shall test you with hunger and fear, and with loss of property, fruits and lives; then glad tidings to those who are patient under suffering”.

It means that education for life shall not be complete without tests and trials. It is therefore we as students go under examination of various sorts. Our teachers at school teach us different subjects, of which some are theoretical and others are practical, all lead us to be better qualified in the life.

This is the real essence of education. We as students must set the mind that we are getting an education for life. It may be religious education, scientific education, moral education or social community education.