Plane narrowly misses accident at Lahore airport

A Dubai-bound flight on Saturday narrowly missed an accident soon after leaving the Lahore airport after a bird hit it.

According to details, the bird hit the plane soon after it took off from the Lahore airport. “The plane was at an altitude of 900-feet when it encountered the accident,” the airport manager said.

The captain of the flight immediately reached out to the authorities at the Lahore airport for an emergency landing and later safely landed the plane.

This is the second accident involving a plane today after the first incident occurred at Peshawar airport where a private airline’s flight made an emergency landing at Peshawar airport after turbulence in flight owing to rough weather.

Flight number PA-602 faced turbulence owing to bad weather causing fear and panic in passengers of the flight.

Flight Captain with presence of mind and expertise steered the aircraft to the high altitude. The Captain communicating with the air traffic controller of Peshawar airport sought permission for an emergency landing of the flight.

The flight safely landed at Peshawar airport, sources. The flight scare incident took place yesterday, according to sources.

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