ISLAMABAD    -   Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has termed the federal budget a solid step towards economic stability and growth of the country and congratulated the economic team for preparing and presenting what he called an excellent budget. “In extreme worse economic conditions of the country the budget by the coalition government reflects the competence and sincerity of the government”, the PM remarked.

He thanked the coalition partners for their valuable input in the making of the budget.

Shehbaz Sharif also expressed gratitude to the business community for their valuable input in the budget and hoped this budget would steer Pakistan out of the current economic pressure.

The PM said the most privileged class has been asked to sacrifice and relief has been given to the most vulnerable segments of the society.

Shehbaz said for the first time agriculture sector has been exempt from tax which would ensure food security and would make farmers stronger.

The PM hoped for a green revolution in the country as a result of these measures. He said the biggest relief has been given to the film industry which would finally revive.

He assured the cheap petrol and diesel scheme would continue throughout the year.

He also mentioned steps taken for welfare of students and said this budget is not less than an economic miracle.