LAHORE -Former Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat has said that self-serving agenda of some people have destroyed football in the country. “The youth of Pakistan is being deprived of playing football due to greed for politics and positions in the PFF that has taken football to such a level that football is nowhere to be seen in the country. FIFA World Cup trophy’s tour to Pakistan is meaningless as it is an exercise from which our youth cannot benefit,” said Faisal. “During my tenure, Pakistan players were getting international recognition and signing agreements in different international leagues. Players were being trained in different age groups and Pakistan football had taken the right direction, but some people with vested interests not only stopped its rapid progress but also destroyed future of many footballers. Our football can never progress unless these people set aside their vested interests and just start thinking for betterment of Pakistan football and footballers,” he added.