Budget public and economic development priority  

Keeping in front of the difficult economic situation, the preparation of the budget for the next financial year is going on. The government is trying to ensure that the coming budget is people and business friendly, in which Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has decided to supervise the measures for relief.

Briefing will be taken on proposals for salaries, ongoing expenditure, subsidies, development budget, agriculture, IT sector. Yesterday, he presided over the meeting held on the budget proposals regarding the industrial sector and reiterated that relief to the people and economic development will be given priority in the budget. And will ensure that proposals from the industrial sector are taken into account.

The government will further reduce the cost of production by providing cheap energy to industries. All unnecessary obstacles in the way of increasing production of export industries will be removed, credit will be provided to small scale industries on easy terms. The Prime Minister said that the former government deliberately stopped investment and industrial development in the country, subsequently breaking the agreement with IMF. Well-known industrialists and investors from all sectors participated in a meeting with the government, providing usefully suggestions to increase the country’s industrial efficiency. The Prime Minister directed Advisor Ahad Cheema to finalise the proposals given in the meeting and prepare them for inclusion in the upcoming budget.

The development, prosperity, peace and tranquility of any country depends on it’s political stability, economy and governance. The government is making strides in the right direction but the destination remains afar.



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