23rd ‘Chinese Bridge’ Karachi division final concludes

KARACHI    -   The Karachi Division final of the 23rd Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for international university students concluded, with Chinese Consul General Yang Yundong underscoring the pivotal role of the competition in promoting mutual learning and cultural understanding between China and the world.

The competition, organised by the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi and hosted by the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi, was held in a hybrid format combining both online and offline elements.

Through the “self-introduction” segment, 6 contestants shared their unique bond and enduring passion for the Chinese language. 

In the “keynote speech” segment, the participants expressed their insights and perspectives on the theme, showcasing their understanding of cultural diversity and global interconnectedness.

The “talent demonstration” segment witnessed contestants showcasing diverse talents and a profound love for Chinese culture. 

Performances range from Chinese songs and paper-cutting art to classical dance and guitar sing-alongs, all reflecting their dedication to learning and appreciating Chinese culture.

Against the backdrop of intense rivalry and linguistic dexterity, Sana Ashraf, an undergraduate student majoring in Chinese at the University of Karachi, has emerged victorious in a series of challenging competitions. Her outstanding performance and profound comprehension of Chinese culture have set her apart, earning her the opportunity to represent Karachi in the final of the prestigious competition in China, Gwadar Pro reported.

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