Ban on plastic bags urged for environmental protection

ATTOCK    -   Assistant Director Environmental Protection Agency Attock, Shehzira Maryam, emphasized the urgent need for a ban on the use of plastic bags, ensuring its strict implementation. Speaking to this journalist at her office, she highlighted that an awareness campaign had been initiated in a timely manner, stressing that now is the crucial time for its enforcement.

Maryam outlined a collaborative strategy involving the department, district administration, and tehsil administrations, conducting surprise visits to various markets and tandoors. She emphasized that initially, plastic bags would be confiscated from shopkeepers, with fines ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 imposed if necessary.

Encouraging public cooperation, Maryam urged citizens to utilize cloth-made bags as an alternative. She pointed out the detrimental impact of plastic bags on rivers, particularly the Indus, where fish are dying due to pollution caused by these bags.

Maryam emphasized the collective responsibility of citizens to reject the use of plastic bags, advocating for a significant reduction in their usage for the betterment of the environment.

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