1973 Constitution guarantees unity of federation: Raza Rabbani

LAHORE   -   Chairman Parliamentary Committee for Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of Pak­istan Senator Raza Rabbani has said that the 1973 Constitution is a guarantee for the unity of all units of the federation of Pakistan. Addressing a press conference along with the Pakistan Peoples Party leaders at the PPP Central Secretariat here on Friday, he said that the shape of the current federation could not remain intact in case of any new constitution. He said that all federating units and all political parties had accepted the 1973 Constitution unanimously and no one could terminate the Constitution, even martial law administrators could not do so. He said that the Constitution had kept all united despite several problems and differences. The senator said that the country could not afford the conse­quences of any new experiment. He said that any other way would have adverse effects on the federation, and every in­stitution should play its role within the given parameters of the Constitution. Raza said that ceremonies of the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution 1973 would be held round the year. He said that the first programme in this regard would be held in Islamabad, the second in Ka­rachi and the 3rd would be held at La­hore on March 25. He said that it was better to hold all elections on the same day. He said that the PPP never avoided elections and whenever the electoral process would be held, the party would participate in it. Rabbani said the PPP had sought applications from the can­didates, adding the situation was odd as two assemblies had been dissolved and now in these two provinces, Pun­jab and KPK, elections would be held on the basis of the previous census, while in the rest of the country and provinces, elections would be held according to the new census results. He said that the PPP opposed arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan for political reasons; however, in case of corruption charges, the arrest of anyone should be made according to the law. To a question, he said that there should not be double standards in judi­ciary, adding that the trial of of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) could not have started had the relief being given to the prime minister of Banigala was provided to him. He appealed to the Supreme Court to hear the ZAB case again, as the then chief justice had admitted that the courts were under pressure at that time. He said that the Constitution provided a so­lution to every constitutional issue, add­ing that the SC was also resolving issues under the Constitution 1973. He said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) coalition government in centre would never allow any steps against the national security and interests. He said the PPP always stood at its principled stance against dictatorship, and no mis­adventure could be allowed. To a ques­tion, he said that General Musharraf fled to Dubai after imposition of Article 6 on him. To another question, he said that division in judiciary would not benefit anyone, adding that a strong federation could only be formed by strengthening the parliament, judiciary and executive. He expressed his grief over the demise of the PTI worker and wished to con­dole with his family and said that the PPP never wanted something wrong happen to any political worker. He said that Imran Khan wanted to meet others but not the political parties leadership. Deputy Information Secretary PPP Central Punjab Faisal Mir demanded dismissal of Aitzaz Ahsan’s basic party membership for crossing party disci­pline red-line several times in 40 years. He said that Aitzaz should join the PTI openly after disassociating himself from the PPP.

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