Auqaf Dept flouts austerity measures by offering extravagant reception

PESHAWAR       -         Amid calls for austerity measures in light of the current economic crisis, the administrator Auqaf Department issued a tender on Friday inviting quotations from various firms for an extravagant reception to be arranged for the Ruet Hilal Committee meeting. People from all walks of life, however, criticised the tender, saying that while the country and province are in an economic crisis and the government has begun an austerity campaign, the issuance of such a tender requiring such expensive food items for the Ruet committee meeting was perplexing.

The tender stated that the selected firm would be responsible for making arrangements for the VIPs, who would receive the following: Dampukht [Meat] with Rice, Naranji Rice with Beef, Mixed Vegetables, Chicken Tikka Boti, Naan, Seekh Kabab, Russian Salad, Halwa, Fresh Salad, Mineral Water Cold Drinks. Similarly, it stated that the company would be required to provide some items for 100 people from the general public, such as Naranji rice with beef, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, Halwa, naan, and cold drinks.

The tender also required the company to arrange for reception tea and provide black tea, one-bite pastry, one-bite sandwich, one-bite patties, and biscuits. However, the tender sparked outrage on social media with people questioning why so much money is being spent on food for simply moon sighting committee members when the government has already declared austerity measures.

The outpouring of public rage prompted the ministry in question to withdraw and notify. A new notification issued Friday afternoon stated that the tender had been cancelled and that Minister Auqaf had requested a detailed report on the matter. It also stated that the meeting would now be limited to members of the Ruet committee.

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