Excessive bleeding, skull fracture caused PTI worker’s death: Postmortem report

Report also suggests slain Ali Bilal was brutally vandalised to blunt force

LAHORE   -    The released post-mortem examina­tion report of slain PTI worker Ali Bilal states that he died due to profuse bleeding  following a deep blow to the brain. According to the postmortem report conducted by the three-member team of medical experts of General Hospital Lahore, the evidence of assault revealed on Bilal’s body on at least 26 points. The report also suggested that Bilal was brutally vandalized to blunt force trauma. The report also reads that the main cause of Bilal’s death was fracture sustained to skull and exces­sive internal bleeding. Torture caused heavy damage to Bilal’s spleen, liver, testicles, and heavy bleeding.

The report further states that due blood accumulation in the brain the blood pressure of slain PTI worker fell to extreme low. There were sig­nificant evidence of assault on the sensitive area of Bilal’s body. Besides that blood pooling in the victims liver and pancreas also contributed to his death. The report concluded that part of his skull called temple bone was badly fractured. Medical superinten­dent of Services Hospital was trans­ferred with immediate effect soon after the postmortem report of slain PTI worker made rounds on all plat­forms of social media. Whereas, vic­tim’s father, Liaqat Ali filed an appli­cant at the Race Course Police Station to lodge an FIR for his son’s murder here on Thursday. The father of the slain PTI worker in his application ac­cused the police of detaining his son and subjecting him to brutal physical assault which resulted in his death.

On the other hand, the police have also registered an FIR in which death of Bilal has been mentioned, against PTI supremo Imran Khan and other party leaders, under the plaintiff of a DSP who sustained injuries dur­ing an altercation between the police and PTI workers on Wednesday. Dr Yasmin Rashid, while speaking to the media on Friday along with Imran Khan, commented on Bilal’s post-mortem report and said, “According to the post-mortem report we have, Bilal was brutally tortured and there were evidence of 26 torture marks on his body. Among all these 26 injuries, the most important injury was on the side of his skull which seems to have been caused by a strike of stick, she added.

Shedding light on the cause of his death the former provincial minister said, the blunt blow to Bilal’s skull caused intracranial hemorrhage in his brain. This was the main cause of his death, besides that liver and pancreas bleeding also contributed to his death, she elaborated. Maintaining this she said, apart from the brutal assault his private parts were also tortured. PTI chairman Imran Khan paid tribute to the slain PTI worker Ali Bilal by dedi­cating a heartworming song for his sacrifice. Taking to twitter Imran Khan shared a song with the caption, “Dedi­cating this song to Shaheed Ali Bilal, known affectionately as Zille Shah. He loved his country in a very special way. His violent death through custodial torture shows the depths to which the corrupt, ruthless & cruel ruling elite has sunk”, Khan wrote.

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