How can one believe the Americans? They attacked Afghanistan on pretext of the 9/11 attacks allegedly having emanated from Afghanistan even though it was accepted that Taliban had no hand in it. The (supposed) 911 terrorists belonged to either Saudi Arabia or Egypt but they did not invade these countries. Instead, they bombed Afghanistan out of existence. Similarly, Saddam Hussains Iraq had not killed a stray fly in the US, UK or Europe but they attacked Iraq and destroyed it, killing and mutilating hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Since then, they have illegally kept the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan through naked aggression and through the assistance of puppet dictators that are traitors of their own nations. Pakistan is also regularly 'droned in quest of Taliban. The infamous madressas that provided them with the recruits to fight the Afghan-Soviet war in 1980s are now being accused of producing mujahideen for Al-Qaeda and Osama. The new issue they have come up with is this Faisal Shehzad, an American. Who knows what is true or false in this new story? -OMARANI, London, May 6.