LAHORE - The Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) has decided to launch a movement to press the government for granting status of ‘National Hero’ to taxpayers.  The campaign will be part of the Pakistan Business Forum’s nationwide programme ‘charter of economy’ under which the forum has already launched a national dialogue.  Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, President, Lahore Chapter of the Forum, has written a letter to all the stakeholders in this regard, inviting them to work side by side with the Forum in this regard.  He further said that the forum wants direct taxation instead of indirect taxation in Pakistan. There is a need to increase the tax net in Pakistan and not to increase the existing tax rates. He said that this path is the guarantor of Pakistan’s economic development. Ejaz Tanveer added that sales tax should be in single digit. We believe that now agricultural income should also be taxed. In the same way, we have to take some other bold steps. For example, instead of import base trade policy, we have to proceed under local production base industrial policy. We have to focus on local production of industrial raw materials.