Gender equality

Gender equality is a fundamen­tal pillar of a society. In a so­ciety, everyone has the right to lead his or her life accordingly, without regard to creed or caste. Gender discrimination makes a huge difference among us. It will never let anyone be free unless it is equally followed. Especially in lower castes, a woman has al­ways been discriminated against by her posture and gesture. 

We must highlight that wom­en are being suppressed by their owners, such as fathers, brothers, and others, under discrimination. Before considering a woman as a woman, consider her as a hu­man being. An individual human has equal rights to live their own life without boundaries. Men and women are equal in this society and should be equally treated. Gender equality can be achieved when both male and female indi­viduals are treated similarly. It is also an undeniable problem that must be addressed to eradicate inequality between two human beings, man and woman. 

After all, women have also been contributing to boosting the econ­omies of countries through their efforts and work in many sectors. Finally, the day will come when men will recognise women as their peers, not only at the fireside but also in the councils of the nation.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt