Rawalpindi-An oath-taking ceremony of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) office bearers from North Punjab was held in Liaquat Bagh here on Saturday.

PTI’s chief organiser Saifullah Khan Niazi administered oath to the newly appointed party members in the presence of other senior party leaders. All members pledged to serve the party as per constitution and policies of the party.  Speaking on the occasion, Saifullah Khan Niazi said that PTI led by Prime Minister Imran Khan would make the country an Islamic welfare state. 

While acknowledging the rising inflation, unemployment and poverty in the country, he passed the buck on PML-N and PPP governments in the past and said that due to their corruption, we were facing such problems.  He said that Nawaz Sharif was making statements just to hide his corruption and tried to build pressure of British government to not handover him to Pakistan. He said that solution of all problems of the country was to let Imran Khan complete his tenure as he would bring the country on development path. He said that a new chapter of politics has started and this organisation will fight the case of the people and the country. “We have eliminated the traditional politics in the country and we will establish the supremacy of merit,” he said.

“Our leader is declared honest and trustworthy. In the next 15 days, thousands of workers will be gathered at Faisalabad Dhobi Ghat,” he said.  “Nawaz Sharif wanted to take millions of tons of scrap from Pakistan to India under the transit agreement with Sachin Jindal,” he said.  The ceremony was attended by North Punjab President Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, North Punjab General Secretary Dr Athar Masood, Deputy General Secretary Arif Abbasi, Senator Faisal Javed and Advisor North Punjab Sajid Qureshi also addressed the gathering.  Punjab North President Sadaqat Ali Abbasi congratulated the newly members and said the office-bearers would be available for the residents to solve their complaints and address their problems.  He said the ensuring justice and serving the people is the foremost responsibility of the PTI as enshrined in its manifesto.

Saifullah Khan Niazi said those who committed corruption could not escape from punishment. Nobody is above the law, he said. 

“Prime Minister Imran Khan always speaks the truth and stands for righteousness. There will be no compromise on rule of law and the constitution,” he said.

We all are standing with Prime Minister Imran Khan and will foil all conspiracies against him, Sadaqat Abbasi said.

Other party leaders said that Imran Khan will not hesitate to take even extreme step to clear the country of the menace of corruption because transparent accountability is inevitable to pull the country out of crisis and put it on the path to progress and prosperity.  Tight security arrangements were made by CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas, SSP Investigation Muhammad Faisal Kamran, SSP Operations Rana Shohaib and SP Rawal Rai Mazhar.

CTP Syed Ali Akbar placed a compression traffic plan to facilitate the participants and the road users.