The second wave

Since the onset of the corona epidemic, the virus has killed one million people worldwide, while the number of people infected with the coronavirus has been steadily rising, with 32 million people currently. With the onset of winter, the second wave of corona is being witnessed in most of the northern countries of the world and people are being affected by it on a daily basis. So far, the United States, Brazil and India have been the most affected by the epidemic, with a total of 1.5 million people in these three countries. In recent days, the number of COVID-19 victims in Europe is once again increasing and restrictions and lockdowns, similar to the rise of the first wave of corona, are being re-imposed in these countries. The situation is deteriorating in some parts of Pakistan due to the new wave of corona as well, so the National Command and Operation Centre has decided to lockdown affected areas.
The coronavirus epidemic had been declining worldwide, but with the end of the summer, the sudden increase in the number of patients is a cause for concern. Due to this, SOPs have been strictly enforced at entry points. The move comes as the number of Corona patients in Azad Kashmir is 8.3 percent. In Pakistan, 632 new cases of corona were recorded on October 6, bringing the number of active cases to 9,135. There were six new deaths on this day, while 95 patients were transferred on ventilators. The highest number of corona patients is currently in Sindh, numbering 138,000, followed by Punjab with 99,812 patients. Several wedding halls, restaurants, shops and factories have been sealed in Karachi for violating SOPs. But despite this, a large number of people are not ready to take the corona epidemic seriously; government SOPs are being ignored, leading to fears of an increase in deaths in the new wave of the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) also warns that before the widespread use of effective vaccines in the future, the coronavirus could cause 2 million deaths worldwide. The head of the World Health Organisation, Dr Mike Ryan, says the death toll could rise further if concrete steps are not taken globally.
There is no doubt that the Pakistani people, with the strong cooperation of the government and the medical sector, have largely managed to prevent deaths from the coronavirus, but the return of the second wave of corona is once again a cause for concern. Reports of new cases of coronavirus in Azad Kashmir, Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of the country are eye-opening. The Azad Kashmir and Sindh governments have taken immediate steps to alert the federal and other provincial governments that the response of the system should be restored. In view of the information that is being received, appropriate steps should be taken to control the situation as soon as possible. The world’s major economic powers, despite all their resources, have failed to control the devastating effects of the epidemic. We have limited resources to deal with the epidemic, so we must ensure that all sections of society follow the precautionary measures. If the coronavirus has resurfaced, there is a need to rekindle the same spirit to prevent this monster from raising its head. The Ministry of Health, the medical department, the government and the World Health Organisation should continue to provide relief and assistance to Pakistan so that the second wave of coronavirus does not wreak further havoc. If the number of corona cases increases, it will lead to lockdown; the economic effects of this year’s lockdown have not faded from people’s memory. If someone is forgetting, they should remember that we cannot cope with the economic effects of the closure for less than six months. If precautions are not taken and another wave of epidemic strikes, there will be many more unusual negative effects on the economy.
There is no denying that the people did not take the corona epidemic as seriously as it should have. If people really want to avoid the effects of the new wave of coronavirus, the only solution is to ensure timely safety and precautionary measures. The Prime Minister has rightly said that now we have to take precautionary measures and live with corona. Therefore, in the case of a global epidemic, the people must adopt a serious and wise attitude and abandon negligence and carelessness, but the government must also realise its responsibility and strictly implement SOPs. It is a question of collective responsibility, often the negligence of one individual causes trouble for many. In view of this situation, it is the responsibility of the government to make arrangements to ensure that the people take precautionary measures and any violation not to be overlooked. If the public wants to maintain their daily routines and economic activities, they will have to ensure compliance with the precautionary measures against the coronavirus in winter, then a new wave of corona can be avoided.

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