Plight of a student

I have appeared in 9th class exam from Lahore Board. Due to posting of my father, who is a government servant, to Kohat, I applied for admission in 10th class in a school affiliated with the Federal Board. But all federal and regional schools of NWFP conduct the practical exams of 9th class separately unlike Lahore Board, which combines it with 10th class. To help my admission in a school here and resolve the dichotomy of difference of marks, my father approached the Chairman Federal Board, Mr Shamshad. Instead of helping us, he told us to approach Chief Minister Punjab as the problem pertained to the Punjab government. Later the matter was referred to Secretary IBCC (Inter Board Coordination Committee) who intimated that in such a case I could take practical exams of 9th class side by side the final exams of 10th class in my new school. At this Mr Shamshad was again approached but he refused point-blank saying that Lahore school should address the issue. He was told that the problem of equivalency of marks needed to be resolved at new station with the request to extend required help, which was my legal right. I earnestly urge the authorities to harmonise the examination system to save the students like me from this unnecessary hassle. -TEHREEM, Kohat, via e-mail, September 9.

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